Ceremonies are considered to be atunements with the Divine, our being and rhythms of nature.
Since the ancient times, life is blessed through ceremonies.
Maybe the attributes of our modern life and the times of change make us feel the need for such gatherings more and more in order to slow down to the pace of our souls.

Fullmoon Fire Ceremony is an opportunity  to honor and let go of the lessons we’ve learned, to release the things that no longer serve us and to open ourselves to our dreams, visions and transformation. Connected with the healing energy and power of fire, we feel refreshed and nurtured in this sacred space of love and protection.

Fire ceremony is held as a community circle, at the times of fullmoon, in the evening.

Gratitude (Despacho) Ceremony is an ancient prayer. It’s a ritual perfomed to connect with the Universe, to offer our gratitude to Mother Earth and accomplish perfect ayni – not for us personally, but for the wellbeing of our community, our country, our planet. Used for wide variety of occassions.
We create an offering bundle with seeds, grains, sage, candies, herbs, flowers and leaves, each of which represents a prayer and a gift of power. With all the elements and participants the vibration raises during the ceremony.
Despacho sparks the momentum for energy shifts, healing and balance.

The common prayer is Love.

The Rite of The Womb, is a reminder from the lineage of women who freed themselves from suffering.                                 This 13th rite of the Munay-Ki Rites was transmitted energetically to Marcela Lobos at the end of the teachings she received for 12 yrs and she offered the rite to us. It is a gift to be shared with all women around the World.
It’s simple and purifying.
We heal the Mother Earth when we heal our own womb, our mother’s womb, our sister’s and daugther’s womb.

The ritual is held as a women circle.

* Please contact Sezin for Fullmoon and New Moon Fire Ceremony, Gratitude (Despacho) Ceremony, The Rite of The Womb or other customized ceremonies.