Having graduated from Boğaziçi Univ. Sociology department, I then went on to do my Exec. MBA, after which I worked as a senior consultant and partner at the İstanbul branch of an international consultancy network for many years.
My inner journey started with breathwork and is going on through connections, nature, ancient wisdom, awareness, self- exploration and everything related to humanness and life.

I’m here to inspire my brothers and sisters and to be a vessel for a change of perspective and discovery of their own true power. I am of service to our beautiful earth and the good of all beings.

Here are the 3 main spaces I’m sharing my work with the ones who step in:

  • The powerful and transformative Air element (Breathwork)
  • Pure universal energy (Reiki)
  • 5000 years traditions of the Ancient Laika and Maya; methods of the wisdomkeepers which are used over millennia by Andean and Amazon Shamans, preserved and shared by Peruvian Q’ero Shamans (Shamanic Healing)

With so much awe and excitement, I love learning from the trees, children, seasons, elders, travels, trainings, experiences, from my guides, my heart.

In beauty,
In gratitude.

Sezin Uğurluoğlu