Breath is a door, a gateway
Into yourself, your very essence
and transformation

Breath is a gateway
Into your connection with your body,
your emotions, your soul

A gateway
To your being and your path

Oxygenation through breath provides the utmost nutrition for each and every cell in our body. Our breath equals to our life force.
How we live and how we perceive the world is projected onto our everyday breathing. Our life mirrors our breath. Similarly, any changes created in the rhythm, cycle and flow of our breath find their reflection in all aspects of our life.

It is a powerful self healing and cleansing modality which relies on diaphragm muscle as the base to increase oxygenation while inviting in more health, energy and vitality.

This connected diaphragmatic breathing pattern that originates in the lower abdomen shows multi-dimensional influence:

At the physical state, it reestablishes restrictive breathing patterns.
Increases detoxification,
Expands respiratory system,
Stimulates circulation,
Supports the immune system.

At the mental and emotional state, helps restore inner peace.
Reduces worry and anxiety,
Relieves repressed emotions,
Increases energy levels,
Improves self-esteem.

At the spiritual state, it gives access to higher consciousness.
Strengthens the connection with the higher self,
Allows fuller experience and expression of love and joy.


I am sharing breathwork through Individual Sessions, Group Sessions and 1 Day Workshops.

During our work and time together, I hold space for you and the highest good of all.

Coaching before and after session, sound healing, bodymapping with hands, affirmations and music are utilized in each session.

Individual Sessions

Group Sessions

1 Day Workshops


Sezin’s 1 Day Workshops are organized only and especially at the times of Equinoxes and Solstices.
Duration: 4 times a year. One full day each.
(Additional workshops and closed group workshop are held on demand.)

Individual Sessions are set on a one on one appointment basis.
Duration: 1,5-2 hrs., depending on the coaching timing.

Group Sessions are held once a week with groups of 4-8 participants.
Duration: 2 hrs.

Breathwork creates a high frequency, close curcuit energy, in which the cleansing and transformation take place as a natural  process.
You’re assisted by Sezin during the whole Individual Sessions and you’re supported by her and her team in the Group Sessions, plus 1 Day Workshops.

Usually 5-8 facilitated sessions are recommended for an open and relaxed breathing practice, whereas this given frequency is subject to change as every individual has her own unique breathing pattern.