Long time ago, things were different
The entire Earth was sacred
Now is the time to return to nature,
to your inner power, to oneness, to life
Now is the time to return to your breath and to the basics
Everything you need is inside of you
Now it’s time to let it all out

Shamanism is a life journey, it is the timeless wisdom of Spirit.
With its origins in the deepest human past, Shamanism is to be considered neither as a religion, mysticism, New Age spirituality nor a series of esoteric teachings.
It is free of time, notions and paradigms. It is natural and holistic.
As Michael Harner describes: “A two-way spiritual communication that resurrects the lost connections our human ancestors had with the awesome spiritual power and beauty of our garden Earth.”

What is essential is love, harmony with all life and oneness. In fact, from the Shaman’s point of view, our surroundings are not “environment” but family. Restoring our connections with nature and our own authentic nature are at the heart of this ancient understanding.
Many of the practices in holistic health field represent the rediscovery of methods once widely known in tribal and folk practice to help healing and the maintenance of wellness.

For the Shaman, everything is interconnected in an infinite Cosmic Web.
The Shaman bridges between Ordinary State of Consciousness  and Shamanic State of Consciousness by stepping out of time. Is the one who mediates between the visible and invisible domain, dances between the World of matter & energy(mana)- the undisputable building blocks of all creation.

This holistic perspective sees no distinction between the physical, emotional and spiritual realms of our existence. Diseases may occur due to either some weakening of a person’s spiritual energy, disharmony in the flow of his/her life force, or not being in alignment with life. In whatever condition we are, our personal power constitutes the basis for our health. In today’s modern terminology, Shamanic practices may also be described as “ancient technologies that create sacred spaces for healing.”

Shamanic healing opens us up to the truth of Love and that we are not lonely; creates space for the body’s innate healing systems.
It makes a new map possible and available.
It is an awakening to the fundamental qualities of who we actually  are- whole, healthy and interconnected.

Integrating the wisdom of the Laika (wisdomkeepers of the Q’ero lineage of Peru) passed on by my teachers and contemporary neuroscience, I went through the Medicine Wheel, Rites and Inititations.
Drawing on all, together with the beautiful treasures of my homeland Turkey, I’m choosing to embody and share what is primal.
I am honored to be on my path with this intention.


Here is an invitation for a journey, not a session, not an intervention.
My role during our time together is opening and holding sacred space; being a vessel for the Divine, the guiding principles of the universe and the lineage.

It is my priority to give you information about the process and to empower you to take on your own responsibility throughout our work together.

I’m using my mesa (medicine bag in Quechua language), my hands, crystal, medicine stones (kuya) and rattles.


Shamanic sessions are set on a one on one appointment basis.

They may be held at a pyhsical environment in person or on skype as a remote work.

Duration: 1,5 hrs. (sometimes longer)

It begins with a short interview, which is then followed by Sezin’s Shamanic Tracking and the energywork that is in best service for you at that time and space. In collaboration with divine guidance, it may include illumination, soul retrieval, extraction or protections and balancing.

You leave your healing session with suggestions/homework that will help you to integrate and deepen the work done together.

Commitment to 3 sessions is recommended.


Luminous Energy Field (LEF/Aura) envelops the physical body and informs our DNA.
Traumatic memories, family genetics, recurring patterns, generational diseases, our beliefs, convictions, stories and our emotional baggage are all imprints in our LEF.
At the core energetic level, Illumination process helps upgrade the quality of our LEF so that we could have our health span equal our life span.
This profound work can be thought as the changes made in the software influencing the hardware.
It is possible that we can live and age differently.


Extraction process covers the extraction of two types of intrusive energies, fluid and solid/crystallised, which can lodge themselves to our system or sometimes for some cases cords that feed from our personal power.
The individual frees herself from such attachments causing fatigue, bodily reactions, addictions or chronic relationships.


Ancient communities consider that trauma, deep pain, abuse, sudden losses and accidents can cause soul loss, where a part of our essential self leaves.
Several sessions may be needed for the lost quanta of energy to be incorporated.
Where there was lack of passion, loss of direction or despair, now a state of integration and completion settles in with the healing.