‘‘Sezin it was a fantastic day, thank you so much…
I felt as though my body and soul have become more open,
purified and expanded, as if I got bigger.
When I first came into the room, I had difficulty even talking,
and I left as a relaxed person with a smiling face. ‘’

- Ebru

‘‘Sezin thank you so much. After my session with you I had my flute practice today, the difference in performance was unbelievable. Even my teacher was in awe, I received amazing feedback. Breathing really is amazing! I’m so glad I’m taking this journey with you.’’

- Berna

‘‘Thank you again, it has done me so much good. A-ha awakening!’’

- Başak

‘‘I am grateful for all the beauty you have brought into my life. The knowledge you provide at each and every meeting is invaluable. I love and trust you’.”

- Selmin

“Dear Sezin, I’m so impressed by your own way of beautiful expression and your self-confidence.  See you soon.”

- Cem

” The level of trust I felt while being with you is beyond words. Thank you for your positive energy, for your pure Being, your beautiful words and also your speaking through your eyes at times. I love you so much. ”

- Başak

‘‘Thank you so so much. It is a fantastic programme. I shall not forget the very valuable wisdom and experience for as long as I live.’’

- Çiğdem

‘‘I don’t know how to thank you, it was unbelievable, I can’t find the words. It was a whole other experience. You’re amazing, thank you so much for everything.”

- Duygu